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Here at the Lawn Guy, we know that you want the perfect lawn. We dream about the smell of fresh-cut grass and tune into The Golf Channel just to see the landscaping. But perhaps you don't live for yard work. Lawn service Leawood. Maybe you're a new homeowner staring out the window at a front-yard jungle. The time has certainly come to mow the lawn. How exactly do you pull that off?

Our love affair with a fresh-cut lawn is a relatively new development. For much of history, people remained preoccupied with avoiding starvation and plague. Lawn service Leawood Foot traffic and grazing domestic animals kept the area cleared directly around a home, but the rest of the property was often used for gardening or left for wild plant life. In much of the world, this is still very much the case. Lawn service Leawood.

But in the Western world, a well-kept yard has become the rave. The invention of the manual reel mower in 1830 made it possible for regular people to emulate the elegant grounds they saw surrounding palaces and mansions. Lawn service Leawood.  Today, lawns in the United States alone cover a total of 25 million acres of land [source: EPA].

A nice yard does far more than just add curb appeal. A healthy lawn helps prevent erosion and nutrient runoff while also filtering the air and producing oxygen.

Regular mowings help stave off infectious parasites such as ticks and chiggers. Lawn service Lake Lotawana.  These mowings also serve as the best possible weed control since thick grasses leave nowhere for weeds to encroach. Lawn Service Overland Park.

The major benefit of aeration is to loosen compacted soils. If the ground is not composed of clay soils, subjected to children or animals moving about or automobiles that may drive on it, the lawn may not require aeration. Lawn service Leawood. Ground subjected to winter freezing and thawing or that is home to a healthy earthworm population may remain open and not require aeration. Wet areas often become compacted and will need to be aerated. A simple inspection can determine if aeration is necessary. Soil that is subjected to heavy foot traffic should probably be aerated annually. Lawn Service Overland Park.

Aerating opens the soil by pulling out small plugs of soil about 3-5 inches deep and then depositing them on the surface to eventually decompose and disintegrate back into the ground. Lawn service Leawood. Make sure you leave them on the ground to decompose. This provides the opportunity for the grass root systems to acquire the nutrients, water and air that are essential for growth. Loose soils allow the roots systems to penetrate more deeply into the soil and become stronger and more resilient if they have to fight off the effects of drought or disease. Lawn service Leawood. Soil microorganisms become more abundant and help in breaking down and preventing the formation of thatch in the lawn. Aerating destroys heavy thatch in the coring process and aids in adding this nutrient rich compost back into the soil. Lawn Service Lee's Summit and South Kansas City.

Aerating is an ecological friendly endeavor. Lawn service Leawood.  Water is more readily absorbed by loose soils. Fertilizers which are subject to run off and contaminate adjoining water sources are less likely to run off because the loose soil more readily absorbs the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that is contained in the fertilizers that are normally applied to lawns. Lawn service Leawood. Obviously the more fertilizer that ultimately is absorbed by the root system the more healthy the grass will be. Pesticides that may be applied to a lawn also become more effective in loose soil. Earth worm activity is promoted and after several succeeding years of aeration, it is likely that a year can be skipped. Lawn service Lake Lotawana.

Seeding after aeration will produce excellent growth and any compost that is spread will settle into the small holes as a result of the coring process and add substantial fertility to the soil. Lawn Service Overland Park.

Aerating is a win-win proposition for the soil and the environment as well as the owner of a lawn that will be the envy of all who gaze upon it. Lawn Service Overland Park.

Core Aeration :
The process of creating air channels in your lawn so that air can freely pass into the soil and circulate around the grass roots. Aeration is achieved by removing small cylinder shaped cores about 0.5 inches wide and 2 to 3 inches deep (similar to the idea of coring an apple). Lawn Service Kansas City. Soil compaction is the reason why lawns need to be aerated.  Soil compaction means there is greater resistance against the grass roots as they try to develop to greater depths. Poor development of roots below the soil will result in a poor lawn condition above the soil. Lawn Service Kansas City. 

The Benefits of Core Aeration:

Verticut & Seeding:
If you’re interested in thickening the lawn up, call us to verticut and overseed. Lawn Service Kansas City. Verticutting creates a proper seedbed for optimal seeding results.  This Process generally results in seed germination rates of 80% and better!

To verticut we use a machine that slices grooves into your ground to expose the soil.  Typical depth to verticut is up to a 1/4 inch.   We first verticut the lawn one direction then go back over the lawn and verticut again at a 45 to 90 degree angle. Lawn Service Kansas City.  So now you have a criss cross affect.  Before seeding  we will go through the lawn and rake up all the big clumps left behind from the verticutting.  Now we will put the down the grass seed,.  The rate we use for typical yards that have a fairly good established lawn is at approximately 7 pounds of grass seed per 1000 square feet. Lawn Service Kansas City.  If your lawn is  more bare than lush then a suggested rate of 10 to 12 pounds of grass seed per 1000 square feet is recommended.   We use a tall fescue blend grass seed is the most beneficial grass that grows in the east Kansas area.  Other types of grass seed are available upon request, such as bluegrass, rye, or zosia.

The quality of turf depends on color, density, and absence of insects and disease. Color has long been overrated as a standard for a quality lawn. In many cases, a normal high-quality color should not be dark green. Lawn Service Overland Park. This is the case with centipedegrass and carpetgrass, both of which are naturally yellow-green. Over fertilizing to get dark green color generally leads to problems. Sod density and absence of insects and diseases are just as important as turf color. Lawn Service Overland Park.

Certain maintenance requirements are necessary for quality lawns. Basic chores for having a quality lawn include proper fertilizing, watering, mowing, and controlling weeds, diseases, and pests. Lawn Service Overland Park.

Turfgrasses must be properly fertilized to stay the right color, thickness, and health. Also, a well-fed grass recovers more quickly from stress and is more aggressive against weeds. Lawn Service Overland Park. As with all living things, proper nutrition is important to prevent diseases and insects. Lawn Service Overland Park.  The lawn grasses discussed in this publication have different fertilization requirements, depending on the type of soils you have and the climate zone where you live.

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