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Lawn Sprinkler System Installation: Maintaining a lush green lawn in the Kansas City area can be quite a challenge. Irrigation System Kansas City. Let us help you make your lawn the talk of the neighborhood. Imagine; no more unsightly brown dry spots. Irrigation System Overland Park. We can make it happen for you with a newly installed underground sprinkler system. Irrigation System Leawood.

Sprinkler System Service & Repair: Did you know that an efficiently run sprinkler system can save you money on your monthly water bill? Irrigation System Overland Park. The Lawn Guy can offer you a number of ways to conserve water and save big money with the latest in technology. We also service and repair all types of existing sprinkler systems. Irrigation System Lee’s Summit.

Need your irrigation system programmed or just looking to change the timer settings on your lawn irrigation system? The Lawn Guy will be happy to help with your current irrigation timer and control programming. Irrigation System Lake Lotawana. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions about programming and controls. Irrigation System Kansas City.

Your Irrigation Management Specialists: The Lawn Guy Water Systems offers irrigation management for your home or business. The Lawn Guy Water Systems is your number one choice for affordable irrigation design, repair, installation, and maintenance services. Irrigation System Leawood.

: Let's start with the traditional Webster's definition of "irrigate": to supply (as land or crops) by artificial means. Irrigation System Overland Park. An irrigation system, does exactly that. It brings water to places where water isn't. The goal is to supply just the right amount of water without overdoing it and damaging the soil or vegetation. Irrigation System Leawood. Irrigation System Kansas City.Everything from large-scale agriculture to the neighborhood front lawn can use some type of irrigation strategy. Irrigation System Lee’s Summit.

There are several general types of irrigation system. One type of system is called drip irrigation. It functions much as its name implies. Irrigation System Overland Park. It directly targets a plant's roots for water delivery, doing so very slowly. Irrigation System Leawood. When you compare it to something like overhead sprinklers, drip irrigation fares well because it uses less water, decreases weed growth and evaporation and cuts back on the potential for soil erosion. Irrigation System Lee’s Summit. It also reduces the risk of fertilizer or pesticide runoff. Good drip system designs pay close attention to soil and crop type as well as the appropriate level of water pressure to employ. Irrigation System Kansas City.

Meanwhile, when an area uses surface irrigation, water is spread out evenly in a field using the gravity flow of water onto the soil. Irrigation System Overland Park. The rate of the flow of water onto the field has to be carefully monitored to minimize the chances of erosion, and the amount of water used has to account for the type of soil being irrigated. Think of a large flood plain and you get the idea. Irrigation System Leawood.

And then, of course, there is the slight variation on something most people have in their garage and use to water their lawns: a sprinkler. Irrigation System Leawood. In a sprinkler system, water is piped in to irrigate the crops or soil. Irrigation System Lake Lotawana. The pipes used are typically perforated to spread water evenly over the area or they have a series of nozzles set to a specified amount of pressure that will form a wide enough spray pattern for coverage to be complete. Irrigation System Lee’s Summit. Other irrigation system types include sub-irrigation, where water is supplied from beneath the soil via pipes or by raising a nearby water table, and flood irrigation, which covers the entire surface target area such that it forms a pond. Irrigation System Leawood.

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